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Joyride: an insight into a bimodal existence

Interested in supporting me? Click the link below to buy my book! Joyride: by Benjamin Beauchman Enjoy your ride Waves of emotion Bimodal. Rage in motion Primordial. Thoughts ever engaging Devotion. Life worth living Finally. Enjoying the ride Eventually.…

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Formal Events: a poem about monotony

Interested in supporting me? Be sure to buy my first poetry book. Formal Events Form a line Formalize Forget who you are Contribute to your country Only to monetize Corporate lies Keeping us in anguish Begging mercy for our…

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Masochism: Poem from my collection

Masochism: by Benjamin Beauchman Sickening Pleasured by torture Needing to feel something Once I became numb Grieving the losses Let me deserve this Compete with my demons They know me best Erotic Sensual feels like a blade in my…

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The Poison: a poem from my collection

Written by: Benjamin Beauchman New here? Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more content including videos and voiceovers of my poetry. The Poison. Freedom costs me nothing Only expense I pay Is the ink spilled Falling from…

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The Cold Black

Hidden thoughts Emotions I can’t share Forbidden but never lost Emotionless blind darkness Pitched cold black By your smile  Once known Never lost Means losing you.

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The Pursuit Of Purpose

An insight into self discipline and the burnout of an Ultra Runner. Pursuit of Purpose Why I started running the distance and why you should too. Written By: Benjamin Beauchman When I tell others of my story, I am…

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