Formal Events: a poem about monotony

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Formal Events

Form a line


Forget who you are

Contribute to your country

Only to monetize

Corporate lies

Keeping us in anguish

Begging mercy for our lives

Swimming in mediocrity

Just to burn our cities down

Overdressed in opposition

Rebelling for her lives

Joking about revolution

With fickle solutions


Forming lines

Overdressed in her confusion.


Welcome to my mind, make yourself comfortable.

I write words that make you think

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Ultra-running, rock climber, backpacking guide, professional bump skier, truck living, hippie. Some words that could be used to describe me, however I prefer the term Dirtbag. I am an aspiring writer and professional backpacking guide who started the Dirtbag Nomad to share more about my lifestyle and the challenges of working towards a life filled with passionate pursuits

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