The Poison: a poem from my collection

Written by: Benjamin Beauchman

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The Poison.

Freedom costs me nothing

Only expense I pay

Is the ink spilled

Falling from my thoughts

Onto this page

Channeled through my blood

Pages that thirst for my torture

Food for thought

Feeding these pages 

Poison of my head


Welcome to my mind, make yourself comfortable.

I write words that make you think

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About Benjamin

Ultra-running, rock climber, backpacking guide, professional bump skier, truck living, hippie. Some words that could be used to describe me, however I prefer the term Dirtbag. I am an aspiring writer and professional backpacking guide who started the Dirtbag Nomad to share more about my lifestyle and the challenges of working towards a life filled with passionate pursuits


5 responses to “The Poison: a poem from my collection”

  1. Hey man, would you be willing to email me? I understand if not, I just really wanted to talk to you and possibly get some advice.
    My email is

    I don’t use Instagram, but I can ge on there if you’d be okay with us chatting and would prefer there. No pressure of course and I won’t ask you again if it’s a no. Thank you for your time.

      • Cool thank you👊 I work 3rd shift so I’m usually in bed by 12 pm central time but I’ll send you an email when I’m off work this morning.

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