Masochism: Poem from my collection

Masochism: by Benjamin Beauchman


Pleasured by torture

Needing to feel something

Once I became numb

Grieving the losses

Let me deserve this

Compete with my demons

They know me best


Sensual feels like a blade in my back

Climax is my blood filling the bath

Pleasure is pointless

Sex is worthless

Just get it over with

Your acrylic nails filled with my skin

Bloodied back 

Only a reminder

My sins 




Welcome to my mind, make yourself comfortable.

I write words that make you think

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About Benjamin

Ultra-running, rock climber, backpacking guide, professional bump skier, truck living, hippie. Some words that could be used to describe me, however I prefer the term Dirtbag. I am an aspiring writer and professional backpacking guide who started the Dirtbag Nomad to share more about my lifestyle and the challenges of working towards a life filled with passionate pursuits

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