Rehab: A poem about insanity by Benjamin Beauchman

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Gather here

Remove your guilt

Take some notes

Release your Shame

All the blame

We’ll show you the light

How bright

You shine

Under the fluorescent light

Cut wide open

Tortured by yourself

Blackened lungs inhale the cold air

Late winter nights

Daunted by your dreams

Nightmares seeping through the cracks of reality

Grant me the serenity

Just let me escape

Accept the things I cannot change

Hoping on an overdose

The courage

The torture

Expose my blackened heart

Rip it apart piece by piece

Prepare my final meal

Everything was okay

That’s just what I say


Welcome to my mind, make yourself comfortable.

I write words that make you think

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About Benjamin

Ultra-running, rock climber, backpacking guide, professional bump skier, truck living, hippie. Some words that could be used to describe me, however I prefer the term Dirtbag. I am an aspiring writer and professional backpacking guide who started the Dirtbag Nomad to share more about my lifestyle and the challenges of working towards a life filled with passionate pursuits

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