Whom I’ve Never Met: Essay by Benjamin Beauchman

Time for another essay from my collection. This one is a bit shorter and was written just before we all got locked away with nothing but our thoughts and inhibitions. Thank you all so much for the support this past month. I really appreciate all the positive feedback.


Whom I’ve Never Met.

Missing someone who you’ve never met is a hypothetical dreary notion many never deemed fathomable. Three hours after the moon showed her light. Lying still, cold as a rock alone. Dreaming of someone I’ve never known. However impossible such a notion may seem, we tend to feel empty. Missing only those things we wish we had. To dwell on the idea of what was rather than what is. Life becomes a broken record, playing the same tracks monotonously droning our eardrums. Jumping from track to track without any conscious attention to the existential crisis at hand. Striding along blissfully ignorant. Drunken and dazed it seems we move along, prodded to the next idea, next job, next outcome, climbing fragile rungs leading to our goals. Moving along so hastily, always leaving something behind only to be cast forward into the beautiful abyss of the unknown. The vast emptiness of all that we could imagine. Anything is possible, especially the impossible. Imagine that, so many of us have our heads locked on so tightly we can’t even comprehend the unattainable.

Missing someone who you’ve failed to continue to be is an emotion I should’ve seen coming hundreds of miles away. We, as humans. The simple yet complex bipedal hominids with complexities only described through the cutting away and reconfiguration of the simple molecules and isotopes. Having no responsibility yet taking on the weight of the worlds in front of the prisms and manifestations of light. Perception of all things. Who we are; or who we think we are. Let go. You have no responsibility to be who you were yesterday. Who you think you are still, is only a thought. Your only responsibility is to let go, and be who you are today. Yes, we will still wear the fleshy fabric we call skin. Yet to be the same, to play a static role is only a dreary detriment inhibiting our truest destined role amidst the vast unknown factory of universal conceptualization. Become who you are today, now, whenever you feel. Relax and go easy, it won’t happen in one day. Understand what it means to be who you are before understanding your role. Liberate yourself from the madness, LET GO. Having all the freedom to do as you wish without inhibiting anyone else’s experience. Look and listen with eyes of compassion. Be present in all you do, see past the imperfection realizing all the fruitful benefits of your reality. Create art through everything you do. Only by looking through the lens of love will you create a world of loving. Seeing only through the lens of fear and hatred or anxiety will create such a world in front of you.


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