Passionately Pointless: A Poem From My Book “Duality Through You” By Benjamin Beauchman

Passionately Pointless

What a pursuit

Too ambitious for life

Afraid of death

Much to do

All there is to see

People to be

Places to go





Monotony ensues

Wherever I step


He knows

There was nothing in purpose

Just another step

Another attempt

Tortured until his last breath.


Welcome to my mind, make yourself comfortable.

I write words that make you think

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About Benjamin

Ultra-running, rock climber, backpacking guide, professional bump skier, truck living, hippie. Some words that could be used to describe me, however I prefer the term Dirtbag. I am an aspiring writer and professional backpacking guide who started the Dirtbag Nomad to share more about my lifestyle and the challenges of working towards a life filled with passionate pursuits

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