A Blissful Tragedy

Friday was the day I gave up. To say I gave up however is completely an overt attempt to simply state “I gave in”. I gave up that which was only melting my soul. With only me, myself to blame, giving to a world that wishes for us to conform and be silenced. That neurotic world that wishes to run an orphanage under a commoditized ant hill of degenerates sucking at the toes of “He who provides”.

I question now, must we be provided the fruitful benefits, or would we rather be the provider? I consider what there is to be attained, or better yet, the lack thereof said “attainment” Stumbling around we are on a consistent loop of convincing ourselves that we are striving forward, yet to be persuaded which way is forward is completely decided upon the magnetic pull of the universe. Thus forward could easily be melted down into an equation of numbers and factors upon which we have all agreed upon. Look at such an example, when we adjust topographical maps to accommodate for magnetic declination. When we consider the equation T= C+D+V we have thus created a mutual understanding of where the north is no matter where we are on this beautiful globe. 

Where each of us are placed, our sense of direction will inevitably differ dramatically. Thus to make up for our lack of superhuman ability to sense the magnetic pull of the earth, we’ve come up with an equation to make up for our incompetence. Now that we can both agree upon such a factor, we will invariably know exactly which way north is no matter where we are located.

Now we, being from 2 points geographically, decided to follow a compass 100 miles north. Me being in Montana would end up somewhere in Canada and for my friend in Florida would end up somewhere undesirable above florida. We would not be following a straight line. We would have to consider the magnetic nature of this quite talented orb of life and compensate for a mutual understanding of magnetic declination. 

Simply having a mutual understanding however could never be enough. I witness all too often how we communicate “properly” we all too often come to a mutual agreement of you V.S Me. So what better way to avoid disagreement than to speak in equations and algorithms that will undoubtedly lead to the same. Boring. Conclusions. A mutual agreement upon which leads to completely separate destinations of hypothetical, unspoken thoughts. 

Let us say however we remove the equation of magnetic declination. Forget the signs of N.E.S.W for they too are only an idea. Now I am completely liberated, I could travel 100 miles down or up or diagonally or any which direction I please. Still I would tell my good friend in Florida “My friend, I have traveled north” to which he would respond “Well no, you idiot you’ve traveled south.” Only to which I would respond “According to whose perspective, mine or yours?” 

In my freedom from the mutual understanding of equations My mind could have interpreted this “100 miles north” as anywhere I please to go, north of florida. This lack of understanding of mutual agreement could undoubtedly make many people furious, or upset to say such empowering words such as “How could you be so Ignorant”. Also which I would take as a compliment. For have we not also agreed whether or not ignorance is blissful. Or a Tragedy?

For if a husband were to have an astounding, undying love for his wife he would then be blissful. Yet what he doesn’t know is that his wife continues to have an affair with Steve next door, he would be ignorant to avoid investigation. Therefore making the husband’s ignorance… Blissful.

Yet for his wife, it becomes a tragedy. She cannot plead ignorance for getting plowed by Steve next door. To simply state that everything is a duality. Would we not call ignorance a blissful tragedy? Due to such a duality, we cannot live in between, this is not to say everything is Black and White, but to say we cannot have one without the other. Just as if you ask for the salt, it will undoubtedly be accompanied by flakes of pepper for duality sake. 

What then, is the purpose of mutual agreement if we cannot avoid mutual disagreement, for when you ask for the salt, you will always have pepper. There will always be evil in the world, because of the goodness that also thrives. You may be happy, but only after knowing sadness. This matter could, most definitely, inhibit you from fully living your life with high hopes and aspirations. Yet would we know what our dreams and aspirations are to instill hope in our future without first knowing what it’s like to be hopeless. How would we be capable of defining or differentiating our feelings without first experiencing its dual opposite. To know love, you must first be broken by hatred. Know sadness to understand the fruits of happiness. Thus I question how we “live our lives” without first knowing what it’s like to die. We are this or we are not, you cannot have this without that. With all that said, why then would we not speak to our children and reassure them that not knowing who they are is exactly the duality needed in order to become who they are? For when we pressure our children into what we think they are and expect certain things from them, or anyone for that matter. Would we not expect them to become the dual opposite of our expectation? 

Expect nothing, for there is nothing to be obtained. Yet feel no doubt you will obtain what you must in this lifetime. Take the leap into the abyss of trust. 


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