New Visions

This website started as a great idea I had, but no longer do I have the same ambitions as I once did before. I have nothing left to say about the world of the outdoors. You can visit all the other outdoor websites for info on the outdoors for there are so many of them.

What will be shared here from this point forward is only that which is purely my original content. More purposeful and sincere written forms of art that define my reality more than playing a character that I no longer have any recognition of. From here on out this website will be a place to share poetry and essays that I have written, and to build community that wishes to support me as I write my books and create what I’ve always wanted to.

Please enjoy this first post as a way to set the tone for what comes next.

Fear Influenced by my own eulogy

I don’t want to change the world. There is nothing worth changing. Putting too much effort would only make us crash and burn. I know the sphere I could change and it’s not this silly globe. Influencing those around me to learn and change and grow. My sphere of influence is the only world I wish to change. Bringing those I love, up to the top we’ll go. From the pavement in the basement until we reach those yellow brick roads. The family I choose will be the ones who prosper through every high and low. I’m not going to need luck, for the path knows where it’s to go. Allowing myself to strive forward, always towards progress, forgetting about perfection. When we realize our destiny, do we ignore our passion and get left in the dust. Obligated to follow the things that make us whole. Sadly, though many of us will ignore. A world of happiness and prosperity, at the end of the tunnel of doubt. So many lost souls, I want to tear them out. Into the world of opportunity that they’ve chosen to ignore. Whether it be the pain of the past, or by the grasp of a silent addiction. Those are the lives I wish to inspire a world of fulfillment and growth. 

My biggest fear however, is not of what is certain. Death has already called my name, I jumped into that pool of darkness, and it spit me right back out. I fear no man, or any shortcoming. There’s no room for doubt, hopelessness has my back, but now I scare it out. So much aspiration with no space for the demons to thrive. Asking myself daily what makes us truly come alive? I fear the day when I meet a man who introduces himself with utmost charm and confidence. A man who lived the life I wished without a second of regret. He’d say he’s climbed the tallest mountains, and dived to the deepest depths. Traversed the impossible ridges and jumped into the abyss. Ran that race I wish I had, and danced the dance I dreamt of. He’d start telling all these stories, full of life and joy. I’d hardly listen, because deep down I know I’ve been dead. All along wishing I had done the things he tells a tale of. I fear that day, when I meet the person who lived the life I’m dreaming of now. That is in my opinion many times worse than being taken by the angel of death. So why wait, start living the life I want to now, before my knees buckle back. Chase things never thought of before the weight cracks my feeble back. 

No matter how many miles it takes, wherever you find me. No matter the place, knowing there were no regrets. We realize our destiny and take it in our grips, jump right in and decide. Is this the person I’d want to meet?


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