Dirtbag Things

Episode 01 "I Have More Skis Than T-Shirts" Dirtbag Things

Losing Jobs and searching for new opportunities, Living the frugal dirtbag lifestyle. Making sacrifices in order to sustain the passionate lifestyle of chasing down deep powder and high mountain peaks. What is a dirtbag and why would someone identify as such a profane name? The term dirtbag originated from the movement of climbers who decided that a typical lifestyle would not suffice in order to achieve their great accomplishments. Climbing the rungs of the ladder into the blissfully comforting abyss of a 9-5 job and a capacitating goal of “making it” just doesn't do it for some. Commonly a dirtbag is someone who is willing to go to any length to accomplish a goal they have set for themselves. This could mean making sacrifices that allow one to afford a new rack of trad climbing gear, selling a car in order to buy a new pair of skis for a long expedition, or even selling a house to backpack a long distance thru hiking trail. No matter the pursuit, there are all sorts of people pursuing the dirtbag lifestyle. Today, especially since the internet allows people to make money online from anywhere that allows a wifi connection, living a life pursuing that next high mountain peak has never been easier. Making sacrifices to pursue the thing that makes them feel like a human, connecting to primordial parts of ourselves when inviting adversity and discomfort into daily life. It has never been easier to pursue absolutely anything we wish to become. Living a life on the road, traveling all around the orb of life we love to explore, and telling awesome stories about it. How could it get any better than that?

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